Indonesia Best Electricity Awards 2018 or IBEA 2018 were held at the Bidakara Hotel Pancoran, Jakarta. This year PT Bukit Energi Servis Terpadu or PT BEST returned to the 2018 Indonesia Best Electricity Awards activities including conducting symposium activities which carried out by the Director of Human Resources, Finance and General PT Bukit Energi Servis Terpadu or PT BEST Muhammad Firdaus.

In the activities of IBEA 2018 PT BEST achieve as the finalist in the O & M Company category, which was attended by several other companies such as, PT Cogindo Daya Bersama, PT. Medco Geothermal Sarulla, PT PJB Servis, PT. TJB Power Services and several other companies.

In addition, PT BEST also actively participates in exhibiting or opening booths together with other companies, as well as opening up opportunities for cooperation with power plant companies in order to support government programs to bring 35,000 MW of electricity to Indonesia.