In the success of Company we are convinced that Human Resources is a very deciding factor, which can influence the growth of company business. This conviction requires us to have reliable menpower.


PT BEST is a subsidiary of PT Bukit Asam which is focusing in the business of providing Operation and Maintenance services to power plants. PT Bukit Energi Servis Terpadu (PT BEST) is a subsidiary of PT Bukit Asam, operating in the field of electric power, particularly in providing operational & maintenance services for power plants. The growing energy needs in Indonesia has given a very big opportunity to companies to keep developing aside of also extending work region.

To be able to realize vision and mission of the company, worker readiness is also given propper attention by the company. Personnel development program at PT BEST starts at the moment you join us and keep continuing during your career in the company, starting with competence training, technical menpower certification, and reward for performance given to the Company.

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